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Q:Should I file online with the IRS?
Efiling is designed for people with a very simple tax situation; no dependent children, no house, no investments, no rentals, no retirement funds. If you do have any of these situations, studies have shown that a tax professional can save the average consumer over $600/year.

Q:How much would you charge to do my taxes?
The charges are based on the complexity of the return based on the number of forms required. Prices start in the $40 range for very simple returns. Contact me for a quote.

Q:Why should I consider incorporating my business?
A corporation is a legal 'person' with a separate identity from you. A corporation can own assets, can incur debts, can pay bills and in theory can last forever. The shares of your corporation can thus be sold or willed to people of your choice, ensuring the corporation continuity after your death. This is especially important for family businesses. Incorporation also provides liability protection of your personal assets.
One of the services we provide is to incorporate your business in the State of Washington or Oregon. Our incorporation package includes incorporation, business licenses (State and City), incorporation book with seal, stock certificates, and by-laws. Price in Washington is $550 (Oregon $400).